You’ll just have to step it up a bit

It’s been a long time since I posted.  I have been really busy getting ready to leave town and get everything ready for Christmas before I go.  That is a terrible excuse, I know.  So I was thinking about it today.  

christmas-sceneMe:  I need to write a blog post.  

Me:  When?  

Me:  Well I haven’t done one in almost two weeks.

Me:  I know, I said when?


Me:  That is unproductive!

Me:  I know.

Me:  So When?

Me:  (Whining)  But I have been so busy.  (Note use of the word that is banned from my language “but“)

Me:  Don’t say that word, busy is just an excuse.  When?  

Me:  Okay right now!  I’ll just have to step it up a bit.

So as you can see Me finally won out and I took time to do this post.rocky_and_sam_1

That got me to thinking of a funny thing that happened one time.  I had a beautiful collie dog, Rocky.  He was quite old and his health was getting bad and he walked really slow.  We had found that if we took him for daily walks he did a lot better.  So one day, my sister and her children were visiting and it was time to take Rocky on a walk.  Oliver wanted to go with.  Oliver was about 5 at the time.  

We start our walk and we had gone about half a block when Oliver comments on how slow we are going.  I told him that Rocky was pretty old and he couldn’t really walk as fast as he used to.  So Oliver leans over and whispers in Rocky’s ear.  “You’ve got to step it up a bit old fellow.”  Or something very close.  

a-smileAmazingly, Rocky started walking faster!  Sometimes all it takes is the expectation that you have to step it up a bit!  Expect Great things for yourselves! 




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