How to enjoy eating a low carb diet!

My grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and shortly after my son (his dad) found out he has type 2.  Our family is learning to eat better.  We love to eat so we are searching for ways to up the nutrition and lower the carbs.

Today I saw a video on face-book that has a delicious entree that will have to become one of our staples.  Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches without the bread!  Yum.  why didn’t I think of that! watch it here!

cauliflowerDid you know that some people make fake mashed potatoes or tater tots out of cauliflower!  My husband wasn’t fooled when I tried the mashed cauliflower on him years ago when he was doing a low carb diet, he did eat them.  The fake tater tots don’t taste exactly like tater tots either, they are pretty tasty with parmesian cheese and garlic and minced onion bits.  Lots of recipes out there to suit your taste.

For a lot of taste and very little carbs pickles and olives are a great snack.pickles

And don’t forget cheese.  cheeseSince my son has always liked to try new kinds of cheese this is a good snack for him.



creme_bruleeOne of my favorite treats to make for a low carb diet is not low on calories.  It is a creme brulee made with Stevia instead of sugar.  So dig out your favorite creme brulee recipe, replace the sugar with stevia when you want a really decadent dessert without carbs.

They also make low carb ice creams now and some of them are pretty good.

We are already thinking about what we will do for Thanksgiving.  Pie is our big tradition in this family.  Mybb_pie_with_ice_cream husbands favorite dessert is pie, any kind of pie.   I have always made at least as many pies as people coming to dinner.  For example the year both my sons and their families and my mother in law were there we had nineteen pies to choose from.

I will share some recipes for pie once we figure it out!  Probably blue berry will be the first since blue berries are supposed to be good for people with diabetes.

To your health, and happy eating no matter what your diet limitations are!

Please share any great low carb ideas you have in the comments below or contact me.









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