Try these Books

Fall is a great time to cuddle up inside with some fun books.  If Halloween has put you in the mood for a little scare, we have a couple of beautifully illustrated children’s stories that are just right for a cozy thrill.

In Furbits and the Hairy Halloween, Blue Furbit is unsure what to be for Halloween.  She wants to be excited for all the festivities of the season, but she’s just not into the Halloween spirit, until she has her own little spooky adventure! Is the back yard really haunted?  Is the creepy run-down house next door home to monsters?  Will Blue ever find the perfect costume? It’s a happy haunted tale, perfect for Halloween!

Check out Furbits and the Hairy Halloween, and it’s FREE on Kindle only on November 1-2, 2018!


In the first book of the Lucy Lavender series, Lucy and the Bank Robbers, Lucy finds unexpected adventure on the way to Karen’s house.  When she finally makes it, what kind of story will she have to tell?  Does she really run into any bank robbers; and how does she escape?  Find out here, in Lucy and the Bank Robbers.  Or, if you rather, you can get the Spanish version, Lucy y Los Ladrones del Banco.


I know you’ll enjoy these books, but what are some of your other favorite Halloween books for children? Tell me in the comments below so I can enjoy them too!




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