How to Achieve your goals in 2017

new_year_2My Monday Post this week shared some tips to achieving your New Year’s resolutions.  And I promised to share some of my successes for 2016 and some goals for 2017.

I wrote down what I wanted to accomplish in 2016 and each week, I would write down what I planned to do that week which helped keep me on track.  I still wasn’t perfect, I did achieve more success than I would have if I didn’t follow those steps.  Below are two examples of accomplishments for 2016.

  1. bergton-lot-12-front-door-and-deck I manage a mobile home park we have ownership in.  I had an empty home that was basically unlivable.  My goal was to sell to someone that would fix it up and live in it.  First I had to get the title.  I wrote down each step I needed to meet that goal and then I worked on each step till it was accomplished.  I now have that home sold and it is bringing in monthly lot rent from a tenant that has fixed it up adding income and value to the park.
  2. 1st-bank-robbers-hr-cover-3lucy-bear-034I wanted to get my second “Lucy story” published and I lost my first illustrator when she went on a church mission for a year and a half.  I was having a terrible time finding an illustrator that I wanted to work with.  I was getting discouraged.  Then my coach helped me think of more ways to look for an illustrator and encouraged me.  I finally found an illustrator and published my second book and just got the pictures for the third!  Yay!!

In 2017 I am going to use the same steps I recommended to you.  Write down the goals, look at the goals, write down what you want to accomplish each week toward your goals, and be accountable to someone, the more the better.  Here is part of my list and you are all now on my accountability list.

  1. I will post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
  2. I will gain a healthier body by following my system until I have reached my goal weight of 150 pounds.  That is currently a 50 pound loss.  
  3. I will help at least 20 people reach their health and weight goals through my business
  4. I will help and coach 20 people that want to join my team and grow their own business.

success_2What ever success looks like to you, I want to help you achieve it.  Rise above the crowd, Make it to the top!  Make this year your most successful ever?

successIf you would like to learn more about being successful in 2017 or would like to work with me, send me a message.  You could be one of the people I help in 2017!






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