My New Book is Available on Kindle

In case you didn’t know it, I am an author, I write stories.  Lucy is my main character in my first series.   She has exciting adventures that she relates to the girl she babysits, Karen.  The first book is 1-cover-2Lucy and The Bank Robbers.  At the top is my favorite picture from that book.  My Illustrator Makhenna Bigler got her perfect!!  What an amazing artist!  

I was so excited when I held the finished book in my hand for the first time.  What a rush!  Wow!  I wanted to share it with everyone.  

But wait there’s more!  More Lucy stories that is.  I have 9 stories in this series and I wanted to get them all out as fast as an illustrator could illustrate!  (Ha Ha that reminded me of the woodchuck)  

Problem:  My Illustrator finished the first book and left on an 18 month mission for the church!  I am so proud of her choice to go and teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She is awesome.  Problem?  I had no illustrator for my next books.  Even if I decided to wait for 18 months there is no guarantee that she would have time to do this when she gets back.

The search was on for another illustrator.  Then I found one,  I thought.   That one fell through.  Then I found another one, months went by, no pictures.  I started looking again.

lucy_and_the_bear_front_coverThen I went back to a friend of my daughter’s, Callie McDonald who I had wanted to illustrate this second book a long time before and she had decided she didn’t have time.  I texted her,  would you have time now or be willing to talk about illustrating this book.  She texted back yes I can meet you tomorrow!

Hurray!!  She did a fabulous job and I was able to get Lucy and The Bear up on Kindle last night!

the-bearI was a little worried about changing artists, after all no two artists have the same style.  I was worried for nothing.  Even though the style is different the art is fantastic and really fun!  It really brings the story to life!  Here is a peek at another picture in the book.  I hope you will go to my author page on facebook,  watch for free kindle promotions and contents etc.

See you there!  Oh and by the way the pictures (except the top) are links!





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