Which cooking oil should you use?

It seems to me that the advice on cooking oil is always changing, so I decided to do some research on what is current and why you might choose one oil over another, or maybe use all of them!

First Olive Oil, According to Oliveoiltimes.com  Olive oil lowers blood pressure, protects against heart desease and  cancer.   The also said a study published in the scientific journal of Diabetes care showed a diet rich in olive oil reduced the risk of type 2 daibetes.  It can also help prevent the development of rheumatoid arthritis.  It also appears to prevent Osteoporosis.

oil-1Avacado oil is one my daughter brought to my attention.  Avacado oil is a rich source of Oleic Acid which lowers some cancer risks, prevents flare-ups of auto-immune deseases, keeps your heart healthy, Is a good source of vitamin E, improves digestion and Helps lose weight to name only a few.  Just click   Check out the rest of the benefits .  

canolaCanola Oil was recommended highly for years, what are they saying now?  In my research I found a video telling how they make canola oil.  It was enough to make me decide to use other oils.  You can find it here.   Canola oil is so heavily refined, heated and bleached to produce that it just doesn’t fit in with my idea of good nutrition.

sesame-seed-oilSo how about Sesame Seed oil?  My daughter had read it was good for you so she bought some.  In my research, I found she was right, the benefits of sesame seed oil are too many to put in this post.  The highlights are: they have 4.7 grams of protien per ounce, they are chock full of vitamins and minerals, they are credited to prevent and reduce illnesses and desease!  Wow!! As I said too much to share here, so go to the  website click here.  Sesame seed oil seems to help with everything from beautiful skin to diabetes.  Who Knew!!

coconut-oilWell that would be pretty hard to top, how about Coconut oil?  The benefits of Coconut oil are also amazing, from skin care, hair care, heart desease, immunity boosting and bone health to healing infections and fighting viruses like the flu and lots more.  Coconut oil is definitely something to keep in your cupboard.  One article I found extremely helpful is found at this web page. Organicfacts.net

You may have heard it’s better with butter!  Oh wait maybe I made that up.  I like butter.  I used to say I like brocolli with butter on it, butterpeas with butter on them, beans with butter, corn with butter, basically any cooked vegetable with butter.  Then I realized maybe I just really like butter.  So how does butter stack up?

Good news!!! Butter is not only tasty it is essential for good health at least according to the following body ecology, just follow this link.

Once again too many benefits to name, some of my favorites:  Most absorb-able vitamin A great for Thyroid, anti-oxidants, vitamins K and E, anti cancer, muscle builder, immunity booster, protects against tooth decay, and lots and lots more!

There are 4 really great choices and one that is questionable at best!  I also read that it is a good idea to have a variety of fats in your diet.  I use coconut oil and butter to make pie crusts, bread, pastries.  I use butter to saute and fry as well as just flavor things.  I have used sesame seed oil in salads as well as olive oil.   Now you know, how will you use these wonderful health boosters?

Leave me a comment below on what your favorite oil is and how you use it!







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