Last Friday in Maine for a while!


Almost every year at least one of our children comes to Maine with us.  Last year our Son Don and his family were leaving home a couple of days after us.  We had forgotten to bring a couple of items so my husband texts my son:  Bring the marshmallow roasting forks, a long extension cords, some of that good provolone cheese and three grandchildren with you.

roasting marshmallowsDon texts back:  I already bought the cheese; the marshmallow forks and the extension cord are packed.  I don’t have any grandchildren but I’ll bring three of yours!

Vacation is almost over, this is the last Friday in Maine for a while.  We head home this weekend.  Before we go and life gets back to normal, which is, of course, still pretty great, I just thought I’d share some last minute vacation thoughts and experiences from the wilds of Maine!lake 2


Today we went into Bar Harbor to play tourist.  My husband went on a bus ride to the park.  His Cousin Johnny drives the bus so he wanted to spend a last hour with him and enjoy the scenery.  David and Amy and I went to the shops.

We got there about an hour early for the bus ride and an hour before the shops opened.  That was pretty cool, because we got the best parking place and we walked around enjoying town square and taking pictures, etc.

We aren’t big tourist shoppers, we do enjoy the yearly tradition of going in to town and walking around.  We usually buy a calendar, some maple candy and a Christmas tree ornament.

This year we purchased a Christmas ornament that had a painting of the lighthouse at Egg Rock.  This lighthouse has special significance because my husband’s great aunt lived there for 18 years as her husband was keeper of the light!  (See above)

On the way back to the camp we stopped at the grocery store for some important supplies: Namely a few more bottles of water and the ever important Hershey candy bars for our Marshmallow smores.  

I went into the store leaving Kevin to rest in the car and David and Amy were turning in the recycling.

There were no carts out front so I grabbed a 24 pack of waters and headed into the store without one.  I soon found a deserted cart and looked around to make sure it didn’t belong to anyone.  Then I put the water in and headed off to find chocolate.  That cart was the noisiest cart I have ever heard.  It shrieked and creaked and groaned till I felt like everyone in the store was probably looking at me.

hersheys choc barIf that wasn’t bad enough, I could not find the Chocolate.  I read all the Isle signs and nothing said Candy.  I eventually walked all the way to the milk section and was starting up that Isle when I came to another abandoned cart.  Stealthily looking around and seeing no one that could belong to this cart, I put my water in it and left the other one there!  Hurray no squeaking!

As I turned the corner, I finally found the candy!  It was in the Isle marked: Infant, Feminine products, peanut butter and bread.  So in case you need help finding the candy in Shaws in Ellsworth, there you go!

The lake is calling me!  I must go!  Till next time!




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