How to have a fun and successful 2017!

happy_new_year_1It’s almost January 1st, the traditional day to make resolutions to improve your life in the new year!

Many years ago I stopped making New Years Resolutions, because I never kept them.  I can hear you now.  You want me to stop making resolutions.  Just because I didn’t keep them last year you want me to stop trying?

No, I didn’t say that!  I said I stopped making them not that you should.  Have you been successful at keeping the ones you make?  If so, keep it up!  If not see suggestions below!

I did stop making resolutions, then I hired a life and business coach to help me become more successful and now I make resolutions again,  Because of his suggestions,  I am more successful!   (Want to know more about this, send me an e-mail!)

Here are some of the things I have learned that may help you too!

  • Write down your resolutions.  You have a lot higher chance of success just by writing them down.
  • Decide on your big goal and then plan the smaller goals you need to meet in order to reach the big one.
  • Look at what you wrote down every day at least once.
  • Tell everyone you know what your big goal is.  When my husband and I did that when we started our weight loss system we really did well.  Not only are we telling everyone what we want to accomplish, everyone is cheering us on.  We did great.  We will be setting some weight loss goals this year and telling everyone again!
  • Don’t set too many goals, three to five is a good plan.  (below are some ideas)
    • A goal that has to do with your health.   This could be a weight loss goal, an exercise goal an eat healthier goal.
    • A goal that has to do with your business or work.
    • A goal that has to do with your relationships.
  • You get the idea.

I hope you enjoy getting ready to have a fun and successful New Year! 

Tomorrow, I will share some of my goals, successes from 2016 and what  I will accomplish in 2017




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