Ever wished you had a lawyer? (Part 2!)

Not long ago, my grandson came home and told his parents that he had gotten a traffic ticket. He ran a stop sign he did not see. I don’t know where you live, I do know that tickets are pretty expensive here, plus they take points off your license.

Have you ever had a student driver. They are hard to live with. They suddenly believe they know everything about driving. “Your hands are not on the steering wheel in the right places.” They will tell you. “Don’t touch your phone even at a stop light.” “Don’t forget to turn on your lights.” when it starts to rain. They want to do it all right and they want you to do it all right too.

Joey had not had his license long. As most kids who just received their license he is a careful driver. He does his best to obey all the laws and do everything correctly. So it was a big surprise that he had a ticket. Why did he not see the stop sign?

My son went with him to look at where the stop sign was that he did not see. Sure enough there was a line of trees blocking the view of the stop sign. He took pictures.

I bet you are thinking he took those pictures to court and showed the judge. Nope!! He called his lawyer, told him what happened sent him the pictures and the lawyer took care of the ticket. No fine! No points lost off his license! And maybe the most important, no time spent going to court!

If you ever wondered why you might need a lawyer, here is one answer, traffic tickets. I am very happy that my family has access to help from a lawyer whenever it is needed. I would be glad to help you have affordable access to the same help. Just message me and I will call you with information.




admin November 27, 2019 Lifestyle, living better