Tis the Season to start baking the pies

I love fall! The colors, the cooler weather and the wonderful time of Harvest, Pumpkins, Applies, winter squash! What a great time to try a new recipe!  And speaking of a new recipe, I want to share this one I found.  I personally want to make my own cinnamon roll recipe to make this pie.  It looks fantastic just as it is.  This looks like a really tasty dessert that is still pretty nutritious.  

We went to the orchard a couple of weeks ago to pick up some fresh apples.  It’s one of my favorite trips.  We haven’t picked apples in several years, we just go get them.  Maybe next year I will actually reserve time to pick them as well.  I have been enjoying at least an apple a day, keeping the doctor away! 

Tomorrow I will share my pumpkin bread recipe with you.  I created it years ago and will have to modify it for my new healthier eating plan!  See you then!

Let me know what you think and if you try this recipe!




admin November 8, 2016 Nutrition, Recipes