How do grapes stack up nutritionally?

This week grapes are on sale at my local grocery, so I decided to see how grapes stack up nutritionally.  Grapes are delicious, sweet and juicy and easy to eat, no peeling or cooking required.  They come in a multitude of beautiful colors.

green grapes

The answer to my question:  about 306 calories per pound of table grapes.  They also have 1.5 grams of fat 3 grams protien and 868 mg of potassium with 3.9 grams of fiber.  That sounds pretty good until you see how much sugar they contain.  They have 70 grams of carbs most of that coming from the 74 grams of sugar.  They have a small amount of vitamins, c, a, b-6 and iron.

red grapes 2

Overall after reading that would I cut graped out of my diet?  No Way, they do have a good amount of potassium and they taste fantastic.

In doing research as to whether grapes are good for you, I found that they contain powerful antioxidants know as polyphenols, which may slow or prevent many types of cancer.  Also the resveratrol found in red grape skin helps keep the heart healthy!

According to one website Grapes are great at helping to balance blood sugar.


black grapesSo By all means enjoy this sweet nutritious food, especially while they are at their peak of perfection right now!


I bought blueberries while in Maine and I plan to share some blue berry recipes next Monday.  In the meantime.  I’d love to read your thoughts on Grapes, and which food would you like me to review next.




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