8 ways to keep your figure over the Holidays!

a-smileI’ve heard that people gain an average of 5 pounds during the holiday season.  I think that may be true, especially if you could Halloween!  I know if I am not careful, I could add five pounds just because of Halloween!

This year I will actually lose weight over the Holidays.  I want to share my secrets with you.  I did this two years ago and it worked for me, so I am sure it will work for anyone!thinking

  1.  Keep your mind set on losing weight or staying the same.  It’s super easy to give yourself permission to eat too much during this season.  If you are focused on a goal, you won’t give yourself permission to just go hog-wild and eat everything in sight because it is there!
  2. pumpkin_piePlan for the extra goodies that will be around during the Holidays.  If you eat a little less on the days before Thanksgiving so you can indulge a little extra.  Then limit yourself to one cup of egg-nog and one piece of pie, or whatever your favorites are.eating-cake
  3. Do not deprive yourself of the things you really  want.  That is setting yourself up for failure.  If you love pecan pie, then let yourself have a small piece.  Eat it slowly, savor every bite!  Really enjoy whatever your special treat is.  I’ve found that if I won’t let myself have a little of what I really want, I end up over eating other things because I am not satisfied.
  4. 2-ice-cream-conesIf there is a food you just cannot resist, only bring a small amount of it into the house.  You can’t eat more once it is gone.  This is really helpful to me.  Because if it’s there, I will want to eat it!vegetables
  5. Make sure you are eating plenty of protein and healthy vegetables so you won’t be hungry.  I can resist temptation a lot better when I am not hungry.  I can also tell myself, I will eat a small serving of that later, like after the next meal, if I am not hungry!  
  6. 2015-kld-mjd-ball-harbor-lightGet a buddy to help you.  It would be the most help if your buddy is also working on the same goal as you are.  If they are not, they can still be your buddy by encouraging you to stick to your goals!  I find it even easier if my buddy is in the same house!
  7. Go for a walk every day.  Walking is a wonderful exercise, it clears your head so you can rocky_and_sam_1think and remember that you are working on a goal.  It also burns calories and gets rid of the most dangerous fat, the fat that is around your organs.  It helps if you have a buddy to walk with.  Make sure you are dressed for the weather you won’t want to do it again if you freeze or get too hot.
  8. puzzleEnjoy, non food treats during the holidays.  Do you love to put together a puzzle? (hard to eat while handling the pieces).  Do you have a knitting project that has been waiting for you?  Is there a really good book that you just haven’t had time to read?  I love to do crafts and often don’t have time, the holidays give me some extra time for these little projects, painting, sewing, making wreaths, making decorations for the Christmas tree with my grandchildren.  Anything that you find enjoyable that doesn’t involve food will give you so much fun that you might not miss over indulging.

Bonus tip:  You will feel so much better by not being over-stuffed and knowing you are accomplishing your goals that you will be setting yourself up for success next time!  

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!






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