Green beans or Asparagus?

beansMy mother-in-law said her children would eat any vegetable as long as it was green beans.  We all know that there is good reason to eat a large variety of vegetables.  Each vegetable comes with it’s own nutritional value.   I have always worked hard to give my family a wide variety of different foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

When my grandson was about four he was over at our house and I was feeding him dinner.  We were  having asparagus and I had snapped them into about one inch segments.  When he announced he was done, I saw that he had eaten everything on his plate except the tips of the asparagus, all the other pieces were gone.  I asked him why he didn’t finish his asparagus.  He told me he didn’t like asparagus.

I pointed out that he had eaten the other pieces on his plate,  to which he replied, “I like green beans!”

a-smileMaybe my mother-in-law could have been sneaky and gotten her children to eat asparagus if she left out the tips!

I  looked up nutritional value of green beans and found out if you or your kids happen to be willing to eat any vegetable as long as it is green beans, it is an excellent choice.  One cup contains only 44 calories and a lot of nutrition.  In fact claims that green beans are one of the worlds healthiest foods.

Asparagus turns out to have 27 calories a cup and a good amount of potassium and fiber as well as asparagusprotein and other vitamins so it is good for you as well!

I still say mix it up, eat as many different kinds of vegetables as you can.  Now my grandson loves asparagus as well as green beans!










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