First day of vacation tips!

I have internet access!!  At least some.  So I don’t promise to blog everyday, I might be too busy having fun!

My daughter Amy decided to go kayaking on the first day.  It was a beautiful day here at Beech Hill Pond in Maine.  She used the sunscreen, sort of!  She was wearing shorts that she thought would cover more than then did so she didn’t take great care about sunscreen coverage.  Then she didn’t put any on her feet and then took off her watershoes while kayaking, so she got a pretty good sunburn on her feet and knees.

Tip number 1 :  Use sunscreen liberally and apply carefully any exposed skin.  reapply often!

My husband and I bought a little inflatable boat that a battery powered motor can be attached to.  He and my son motored across the lake to the cabin My son’s family is staying at and left Don there and brought Amy back.  Except when they were about a fourth of the way back, the batter ran out of power.  Don’t worry, the people of Maine are very friendly and helpful and they got a tow back home.

Tip Number 2:  Test your battery powered motors on shorter trips.

My Husband has a few squirt guns that he hasn’t ever even opened so he brought them to give to the grandchildren this trip.  Joey immediately noticed them and asked about them.  So he got his choice.  Then he was chasing David  outside with the gun while David was using a boogie board as a shield.  (Too bad I didn’t have my video out)

Tip Number 3:  Squirt guns are great entertainment for little money!

Last night there was a beautiful sky.  It was a light bright pink on one side one the other there were also pink clouds and an amazing rainbow.  It was Gorgeous!  Luckily David had his camera out and took some pictures, by the time I ran in and got mine it had mostly disappeared which brings me to the last tip of the day!

Have your camera ready!  Vacations offer wonderful opportunities for great memorable moments!!

I hope you have had or are going to have a wonderful, healthy, happy vacation this year!




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