How pets enrich our lives (Part 1)

I have been fortunate enough to have had pets all of my life!  I am grateful for them.  They have taught me a lot.  They have loved me no matter what.  They have comforted me, kept me company and made me laugh.  

As a teenager, I would tell my deepest secrets to my cat.  I would take her to my room and spend many hours reading on my bed with her beside me.  When I was afraid, I would find the dog.  It was always a comfort to have him near.  

I have read that petting a dog or cat for two minutes or more lowers blood pressure in both the person and the pet!  I can believe it.  Pets help us to be calmer and happier!

It has also been proven that people who live alone do better with a pet.  The responsibility of taking care of a pet will often ensure that they take care of themselves so they will be able to care for their pet.

Teaching a child how to take care of a pet and how to treat an animal carries over into how they treat other people. Pets give us love, pleasure, responsibility and often even something to laugh about.

20150127_132335 Amy was about three when we got our cat Brownie.  Amy  would run around our big family room with a string.  Brownie would chase her around and around until I would tell Amy to stop and give the cat a rest.  Then Brownie would lay flat on the floor like a cat rug until she could catch her breath again!

Now Brownie is at least 20 years old and she spends most of her time sleeping near me. She likes to be on my desk  when I am working.  She even has a box on the desk to sleep in.  I am never lonely when she is near!

Shadow was a beautiful Siamese Tabby (like this one)  that walked into our house when we lived in siamese-tabby-catAlbuquerque, New Mexico.  I opened the door one day to see if the neighbor was still outside and in walked the cat.  She walked right past me into the family room at the back of the house and hopped on my husbands lap.  A while later, I asked him if he wanted me to put the stray cat back outside and he answered  that no she could stay awhile.  She stayed about 23 years before she went on to a better world.

Shadow loved us all, and she loved my husband best.  She would jump up on his lap and climb up and lay on his chest when he was reclining.  She always asked permission and he would either say yes or if he was eating he would say no.  When she got old and she would ask, if he said no, she would wait about thirty seconds, jump up onto the foot rest and very slowly sneak up until she was laying on his chest. 

My granddaughter has a cat now that loves to sneak up and attack with no claws.  It always surprises me and makes me laugh when out of nowhere she jumps on me from behind and runs off.  She does it to Jen and Joey too!

I love having cats around, they are all different,  and fun and keep life interesting.

Tomorrow, Part 2 How pets enrich our lives!







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