About Mary Jane Driscoll

Bass Harbor

Kevin and Mary Jane Driscoll in Maine at Bass Harbor Light in Acadia National Park.

Hi, Welcome to my blog, I’m so glad to meet you!

So this page is about me, and you are going to get to know my family a little bit as well.   I have been married to my sweetheart for 41 years.  We have seven children and twelve beautiful grandchildren.  We love to spend vacations in Maine, the peace and the beauty of staying on a lake, listening to the loons, kayaking and sailing, swimming and, of course, heading out to the ice cream shop for a treat.  (sometimes, I tell Kevin I go to Maine just for the ice cream)  There is nothing quite like having the family around the campfire, next to the beautiful lake, roasting marshmallows, then stuffing them with chocolate, Yumm!

I remember as a child my dream was to become a mom, I was so fortunate to have that become a reality quickly.  My other dream was to write books, stories that people would enjoy reading.  Now I have published my first two books in both kindle e-book and paperback format.  My Third book is in the process, already up on kindle and I’m working on the paperback version.  You can see my Facebook link to the right of this post.  I would be delighted if you would like my page, take a look at what is going on in that part of my life, from time to time I even have contests where you can win a free book.

But Wait there’s More!  (Ha ha, I love that line)

I’m happy to say that in this wonderful time and place we live it is not an either or world, it is an and world so now I can happily say that I can add other things to my list of interests.  I am super interested in being healthy, in all ways: Mind, Body, Spirit, and financial.  So this blog will mix it up a little.  My goal is to bring value to you, so I will be searching for interesting items to share that will enlighten, aid, and entertain.

I love helping other people become healthier, i.e. lose the weight, age better, increase athletic performance.  Whatever the challenge, I can help.  I believe the better our health is the better life is in all aspects.  I want to share things I have learned that will help others achieve their best body ever!

I also believe that everyone deserves the right to have financial freedom and I can help others reach that goal as well.  I love being my own boss, whether it is searching for a multi-family property to purchase in our real estate investing business;  or sharing something that we use and really believe in, in our network marketing businesses.  There really are no limits!

I also believe that to really enjoy life, it should be fun.  That’s where my books come in.  Okay they will not all be just for fun, I am working on an inspirational book right now as well.  However, if I come across something that is fun or funny, I will be sharing with you!

Comments are always welcome and if you want me to look into something and report, please ask!