Vacation in Maine lifestyle part 3 (wild life)

I love the vacation in Maine Lifestyle, We squeeze out every minute of enjoyment and these are some of the reasons!

One of the great things about staying in a cabin on a lake is enjoying nature, trees, flowers, water, and wildlife!

mooseWe have still not seen a moose, except the one that is in the picture behind the couch.  He showed up here several years ago in the water right in front of the cabin and someone took his picture and put it in the living room!

We have seen some wildlife:  This part of the country is famous for the Loons.  If you haven’t heard the cry of a Loon you are definitely missing out.  They are beautiful large water birds and there has been one this year that seems to have taken a liking to fishing near the float. loon I haven’t caught him on film, he must be camera shy, so I took a picture of the decorative dish here in the cabin with loons on it for you!

There is a cute little red squirrel that lives outside, he actually came right up on the porch the other day.  He is about half the size of your normal gray squirrel, and he is a fast little guy.  

red squirrel 2Our wonderful land lady has two window boxes of flowers at the top of the steps and they attract hummingbirds so we have also seen those!

Hopping around the firepit area with us last night as we roasted marshmallows was a little mouse.  I guess he wanted a smore too!

Maybe next year we will see that moose!




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