Three simple ways to get more vegetables in your diet!

3 simple ways to get more vegetablesDo you have trouble getting enough vegetables in your diet?

I know that sometimes at the end of the day, I will think about what I ate and I am short on how many vegetables I haveveggies eaten.    

We all know that vegetable contain vitamins and minerals that promote better health.  So why isn’t it easy to make sure we eat enough?

I decided I needed to make sure I was getting enough vegetables in mine and in my families diet.  I found three ways to make it easier.

  1.  Buy vegetables that are already ready to eat:  My favorites are baby carrots,  Baby cucumbers and sugar snap peas or snow peas.  (seperate these into serving sizes in zip lock bags or other containers so you or even your children can reach into the fridge and pull out a convenient snack!   You can also buy ready to eat salads which are a nice option for lunch or dinner. 
  2. Add vegetables to breakfast:  You can add spinach, tomatoes, peppers and onions to your eggs.  I love a good vegetable omelet, or wrap it in a tortilla for easy eating.  My parents used to put the leftover corn into pancakes, that was a real treat too!
  3. Add extra vegetables to your spaghetti sauce.  I like to cut carrots, celery and onions into tiny pieces and add them to the sauce, The kids never noticed I had increased the amount and variety of vegetables this way.

Bonus:  Add shredded carrots or squash to sweet treats, like zucchini bread and carrot cake, or try adding them to a chocolate cake or brownies.

Remember every little change you make that adds vegetables to your diet can improve your health and have a lasting affect on your body!

So what is your favorite way to add vegetables to your diet or get your kids to eat them?






admin July 28, 2016 Nutrition