Have you ever bought someone a gift at a garage sale?

It’s Friday again.  This week has been super busy!

houseWe have been working on buying an investment property, it was a lot of time and effort to get all the information we needed.  It turned out that after we had done all of our research the property would not work as we had planned so we did not go through with the purchase.  That’s the way it sometimes is in the Real Estate Investing world.  Thanks to our Mentor, we did not get into a property that would have cost way more than we planned to come out on top.  So just another reason I always say, everyone should have a coach, a mentor to help you.  Someone who has already gone where you want to go.  No worries, we will just find another deal, they are everywhere.

I also have been working on getting my newest book on Amazon. “Lucy And The Bear” will be available for purchase in paper back very soon.  It is already cover-lbavailable on Kindle.  Don’t forget to go to my Author page on Facebook to see the latest freebies and new stories.

Since I like to put fun things on my Friday blog post, I thought I would talk about garage sale gifts!

giftsOne of the gifts I treasure was purchased for me at a garage sale.  My mom has a book that I always loved to read and she knew I loved it.  It was out of print. Several years ago my parents found one at a garage sale.  They wrote in the front of the book that they knew I loved this book and so when they saw it for sale at a garage sale, they bought it for me!

Sometimes the best gifts are not the thing that is new that you purchased at the store, maybe it’s something that someone else has used and loved and no longer needs, that can not even be found in a store.

My granddaughter and I went to a garage sale about a month ago.  The people were moving and selling things at a good price.   Emma spotted two beautiful fancy-dressesdresses that the lady had worn to weddings several years ago.  She made a beeline over to look at them.  She loves to dress up and although she was only nine they came very close to fitting her!  They both needed some alterations to be more modest.

One was a pink satin that left shoulders bare, the other covered one shoulder with a large bow, It is teal satin with black tulle peeking out from under the satin  skirt about two inches.  Emma’s birthday was coming up and I knew I wanted to purchase one of them, alter it so she could wear it and give it to her for her birthday.  I asked how much they were.  To my delight the lady told me she would take $3. each.  I asked if they would take $5 for both of them and the deal was done!

I made a cute little pink shrug for the pink dress which worked perfectly.  Then I went to the fabric store to see If I could match the teal satin to make alterations.  Guess what, there was not even anything close to the right color.  However, at home I had a lovely length of black satin at home.  I decided that I would use that since it would match the black tulle on the bottom and add another contrast.

It turned out beautiful and now my little Emma has two dresses that she absolutely loves to wear to church.

nerfWhat treasure will you find at a garage sale that can become a treasured gift for someone!  I am currently looking for a nerf gun that is no longer manufactured for my grandson, he has recently become interested in them and has decided the best ones aren’t made anymore!

Will you find some inexpensive jewelry that someone is selling for 25 cents each for a child that loves to play dress up?  Maybe you will find agilman-books book that is no longer in print for you favorite bookworm!  Maybe an antique golf club for your favorite golfer, or a set of Japanese knives for your favorite knife collector.

There is no end to the possibilities!  Now think, what can you sell to someone, make a little money, and they can give as a treasured gift to someone they love.  Garage sale season is mostly over for this year, so you have time to start planning your garage sale and garage sale shopping as soon as spring is here.




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