7 ways to add exercise to your life!

Wednesday’s are going to be answers to your questions.  The question today:

 What are 7 ways I can add exercise into my daily life.

Do you feel too busy to exercise?  Are there too many interruptions in your life?  Does the time just go so fast that all of a sudden it is the end of the day and you haven’t exercised, AGAIN?   ME TOO!

I like exercise as well as everyone else — no wait, I don’t like exercise, at least not for an hour or more at a time.  running

I need to get exercise in without feeling overwhelmed!  So I have added seven tips below that help me and I hope they will help you.

  1. alarm_clock If you want to exercise for 1/2 to 1 hour at a time, make it the first thing you do in the morning.  (I mean after saying prayers, getting dressed, brushing your teeth of course!)
  2. Wear a pedometer!  I love, love, love my pedometer, did you know that 2000 steps is about a mile, give or take for size of footsteps.  So I set a goal for 10,000 steps a day.  It really helps me remember to be more active.  (Plus my husband pedometerhas one too and sometimes we compete)
  3. Every time you get up to do something, i.e. get a drink of water, get something you need from somewhere else, walk an extra 100 steps.  (You would be surprise at how fast that adds up!)
  4. Get an exercise video with really short routines: (My favorite is 5 Minutes to Look Younger, with Dr. Kareem)  (I also like the dance exercises)5_mintues_to
  5.  Make what you do for exercise fun.  (Go swimming, play basketball, dance with the kids)
  6. dogs Find an exercise buddy!  (I used to have two dogs that I would walk with everyday, they were always up for a walk, day night rain shine, it’s more fun with a friend!)
  7. Start slow and work into it.  Don’t start your exercise routine by out of the blue running a mile!  (You will be sore and therefore unmotivated to exercise the next day)
  8. And don’t forget to check with your Dr. to see if you are healthy enough.  (Mine always say yes!, Imagine asking a Dr.  “Should I exercise…………)

Now get out there and do it, get healthy, feel younger!  My husband told me he was watching one of those infomercials about the total gym with Chuck Norris.  Chuck  Chuck_Norrissays “Everyone is always asking me how old I am.  (Imagine him flexing his amazing biceps as he says this)  I tell them I am 39 with 36 years of experience.”   He exercises every day and looks fantastic! 

Don’t forget to post your questions and comments!  Thanks!




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