Eye Floaters or Flashes, call Eye Dr.

Eyesight is precious, One symptom you should never ignore is seeing floaters in your vision or flashes of light.  

cartoon-eyesOne of the joys of growing older is that we have to pay special attention to our eyes.  Everyone needs to be tested to see if they are developing glaucoma so they can get early treatment.  We all know that the same holds true for macular degeneration.  The earlier these problems are spotted the more there is that can be done to see better longer.

ex-floaters-in-eyeDid you know that some people develop floaters in their eyes as they age.  (they can look like this)  This is part of the normal process the eyes go through as they age and most of the time it is okay.  However, any time you see a new floater in your eye or see flashes of light , (In my case the flashes looked like seeing lightning out of the corner of your eye, very bright!  In my right eye it was neon green, in my left eye it is white) you need to call an eye doctor as soon as possible and get an appointment to see them.  

Why?  In very rare occasions the floaters and eye flashes can actually be symptoms of a tear in the retina.  If that happens it requires emergency attention to save the sight in that eye.

I found this out from my daughter-in-law who was working for an eye Doctor.  Then when I developed these symptoms, I went in. In my case everything was fine!  Now I have symptoms in the other eye so I went in again.  So far so good, they have seen me twice in two weeks so they take this very seriously!  I have another follow up in a month!

So Please if you develop symptoms like these take it seriously and make sure you keep your precious eyes healthy!





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