I missed April fools day, couldn’t have topped this!

I didn’t post on April fools day,  however, I wanted to share some of the crazy pranks that happened in our family.

shoesAt our house, Emma who is  10 was super excited about April fool’s day pranks, she was planning for quite some time.  Allsocks my life, I thought April fool’s day is about getting someone to believe something that is not true.  Emma, however, believes it’s a time to pull a prank of any kind.  She taped her mom’s shoes and socks to the ceiling of her bedroom.  A feat aided by the fact the bed is about four and a half feet tall.  She also took shaving cream and started a shaving cream fight with her mom, there was shaving cream everywhere.

water-jugcell-phonesMy Son, Emma’s Dad, had pranks of his own up his sleeve, he stole both his girls phones and hid them.  He claimed to have hidden Anna’s in plain site, which is was, sort-of.  He took an empty gallon jug that used to hold water, slit a seam in the bottom and put her phone inside, hot glued it back together and set the jug on the end table by the couch.  Since that is what we normally water our plants with, it would appear someone didn’t finish watering the plants and left it there.




Happy April!!1-mjd




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