5 easy good for you snacks

I have always wanted to eat more vegetables so I would buy celery and carrots and salad fixingspotato chips so I would have vegetables in the house.  Then I would be in too much of a hurry and just open a package of frozen veggies for meals.  I would grab something easy, like a handful of chips or a cookie for a snack.

Then you have probably already guessed, the vegetables would sit in the fridge waiting for me and they would sit there longer and eventually I would either use them way after their prime or they would not be worth eating.  I would have to throw them away!

I wish I could say that I have become super organized and cut vegetables into single servings and put them into small containers as soon as I get home from the store.  Alas, I cannot, I have changed my buying choices a bit though.  Below are my 5 easy choices for healthy snacks.

  1. bean chips I have found a chip made out of black beans which is full of fiber and nutrition and they taste good with a nice crunch and they taste even better with Salsa which adds to your vegetable intake.  I found there are several brands out there, this is the one I have tried and they are really good.

2.  Grab a handful of nuts.  Nuts are high in nutrition, protein, fiber and crunch, giving you a satisfied feeling and keeping hunger at bay.

3.  Now you can find assorted colorful tiny sweet peppers washed and ready to eat in many grocery stores.  They are crunchy and sweet and full of great nutrition and even the kids like them.

4.  You can also find small cucumbers, so you can just grab a whole cucumber for a snack, the kids like these too!

5. I have also been able to find fresh sugar snap peas and snow peas that make a great crunchy snack.

So there are my five easy and healthy snacks!  What is your favorite easy healthy snack?





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